Gold finishes the day up $6, but down $23 on the week


Gold finished up today to end a difficult week. On the day gold was up $6 at $1297.15; silver was up 5¢ at $16.97. On the week, gold finished down 1.7% (- $22.93); silver was down 3.4% (- 59¢).  It is the second week in a row gold and silver finished on the downside. The precious metals are being pushed in one direction by the increasingly dangerous threats from North Korea, and the other by concerns about Fed policy.

In the meantime, disinflation reigns and with it the ever-present financial system risks globally – a prospect elevating physical demand. As reported earlier today, gold ETFs inventories have risen this week as prices have fallen – an indication of professional money buying the dip.

Asia is closed.  Stay tuned.  We might put up a post or two over the weekend if anything interesting surfaces.  Have a pleasant weekend.

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