USAGOLD’s September Gold Buyers’ Special

SPECIAL OFFER PAGE/Historic British sovereigns

“It is estimated that only 1% of all gold sovereigns that have ever been minted are still in collectible condition. It is this relative rarity in relation to bullion coins and bars that leads to leverage whereby, in gold bull markets, the value of these coins increases by more that the actual price of gold.” – Money Week, “Why you should buy gold sovereigns”

We have placed hundreds of thousands of historic British sovereigns with our clientele, but never at a premium this low. . .9% over the melt value.  Modern American Eagles in the one-quarter ounce size fetch a higher premium . . .10.5%.  We only have a thousand  at that price and, as always it’s first-come, first-served. We are also offering at attractive pricing 500 King George V sovereigns in brilliant uncirculated state of preservation – the “collectible condition” referenced in the Money Week quote above.

Those of you who have participated in these specials in the past know how quickly we can sell out, especially when it is a price-based offer.

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