Investors are pouring money into silver ETFs

Bloomberg/Eddie Van Der Walt/7-18-2017

“There’s plenty of speculation that silver is due for a recovery. In a Bloomberg survey of 13 traders and analysts, the majority were bullish.

  • 11 people said prices would rise and two predicted declines.
  • Among the seven respondents that provided estimates, the median 12-month forecast was $20 — indicating a 24 percent rally from current levels.

Assets in exchange-trade funds backed by silver have risen 6.6 percent since April 24 to 21,211 tons, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.”

MK note:  Evidently, there are a good many who know a good thing when they see it:  Silver at current price levels.  The 21,211 tonnes in ETFs is a record high – something to file under “Major developments most people don’t know about. . .”  By the way, financial institutions and funds dominate the silver and gold ETF volumes.  Private investor demand, thus far, has been strangely quiet on the silver front since prices have dropped. Mesmerized by rising stocks and the Trump effect, it would seem. . . . . .Or perhaps they’ve been waiting for a bottom.  According to silver experts referenced above, we may already be there.

For those with an interest, here is an interesting USAGOLD silver offer worth considering.  It combines a direct investment in silver with the collector in all of us.   Bulk buyers might want to take advantage of the low premiums on silver American Eagles.  As many of you already know, once the market starts rolling supply bottlenecks can develop overnight and premiums can jump considerably.   The mints have a spotty record on keeping up with public demand once the wheel turns. . . .

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