What the markets are telling us five months into the year . . . . .

Wall Street, the financial media and a good many investment analysts are down on gold and silver.  It is difficult to understand why.

As of Friday’s closes,

– the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 7.30% thus far in 2017

Gold is up 11.12%

Silver is up 10.37%

– the Dollar is down 3.52% (based on the Dollar Index –  Major currencies)

Commodities are down 5.9% (based on the Bloomberg Commodity Index)

All of which tells us that, as of June 2, 2017, gold and silver are still being purchased as hedges against disinflation and overall financial system risks as has been the case since the turn of 21st century.  At the moment, we can also throw in dollar weakness as a factor, though it is difficult to know whether or not that weakness is temporary or something with staying power.

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