17 Reasons Why You Should Own Gold

GoldSeek/Gary Christenson/04-20-17

• Gold has no counter-party risk in a 2008-style crash.
• The continual devaluation of the US dollar is inevitable.
• Gold will eventually return to its true historic role as money.
• The destruction of government balance sheets, continual devaluations, and the widespread implementation of zero interest rate policies probably will result in hyper-inflation.
• Central banks are nearing an inflection point where they no longer can supply the gold necessary to prevent rising gold prices.
• Gold has survived governments, leaders, parliaments, central bankers, economic stupidity, graft, corruption, and wars.
• Investment demand for gold is rapidly accelerating. The western world is in the early stage of a panic and “gold rush.”
• There is growing recognition that many paper gold products are not backed by physical gold.

PG View: Follow the link to see the rest of the list. It’s a good one . . .

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