EU tax chief admits Le Pen winning would be the end of the European project

CNBC/Karen Gilchrist/02-21-17

A win for far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen would spell the end of the EU – but the French are not crazy enough to let that happen, insists European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici.

“I’m confident. I know my citizens and my compatriots well and know they are not going to elect a candidate who is proposing France exiting (Europe). That would be the end of the European project,” Moscovici, who is European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, told CNBC Monday.

…”I cannot imagine 50 percent of the French are crazy enough to vote for her,” he said.

PG View: Where have we heard wishful thinking like that before? Moscovici points out that Le Pen has “never even ever won a regional election.” Clearly that’s no long a prerequisite . . .

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