This Is Marine Le Pen’s Plan to Break Up the Euro

Bloomberg/Helene Fouquet/02-06-17

National Front leader Marine Le Pen will take back control of the central bank and fire up the printing presses as she leads France out of the euro if she wins the presidential election in May, her chief economic adviser said.

Le Pen is making a “return to monetary sovereignty” a key plank of her policy platform as she seeks to replicate the populist victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. and has set up a task force to prepare, her adviser Bernard Monot said, as he explained the details of her plan on the sidelines of a rally in Lyon Saturday.

PG View: If Le Pen wins the election this year, it really could spell then end of the Great Experiment. In Davos several weeks ago French PM Valls warned “the project could die quickly.” German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said, “Things could fall apart within months.”

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