Holiday Special – Lucky Angel

This year put a lucky angel under your tree!

Coin & bezel pendant includes
18 inch 14-karat gold chain

Owning the famous French Angel gold coin has always been considered good luck.

Legend has it that an earlier version accompanied Napoleon in his quest to conquer Europe. He carried it in the long march to Russia and back until he finally misplaced it — the day before the Battle of Waterloo.

When the coin’s designer, Augustine Dupre, was sentenced to death, he held a gold Angel as he prayed for his life; it caught the eye of his guard, allowing him to ‘negotiate’ his escape from the guillotine.

A truly unique and memorable holiday gift option, this old world French Angel coin pendant comes with an 18-inch 14-karat rope chain.

Only 50 pendants available – $560.00 / each
Price includes insured delivery, display gift box, and ‘Lucky French Angel’ poem scrolled and bound.

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Throughout history many a story
Tells of cures, success and glory
Brought on those who get to hold
A lucky Angel cast pure in gold

Napoleon held close this lucky charm
To protect him in battle and keep him from harm
Victorious he was to Russia and back
As he kept it close for every attack
It was quite some time before the coin was lost
But misplaced it was at no small cost
Waterloo followed the ensuing day
Napoleon was defeated and cast away

A similar story is often told
Of a guard’s favor that was luckily sold
At the cost of an Angel a man was saved
It was the coin’s designer Augustine Dupres

Others will say the Angel can heal
Can protect from harm its powers are real
So take this Angel and keep it close to your heart
And great luck will follow you and never depart

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