U.S. Mint gold and silver bullion coin sales

Sales of U.S. Mint gold and silver bullion coin sales serve as a bellwether for market sales internationally.  Thus far this year gold bullion coin sales are running double 2015 to mid-March.  Silver bullion coin sales are running about 30% higher over the same period.  Volumes in both areas are very strong over previous periods historically.

Overall gold and silver bullion coin sales ratcheted to much higher levels following the 2007-2008 financial crisis and stayed there.  Sales in silver bullion coins have been consistently strong reflecting the change in public perception toward the metal.  Silver is now viewed by many alongside gold as a monetary vehicle for long-term asset preservation.

Please visit here (gold) and here (silver) to see results for years 2002-2014.  Some of the mints have yet to report 2015 sales.  We will update the charts once the data from all the mints becomes available.

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