Gold trends + indicators in chart form

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Our new page offers a remarkable user-friendly service – auto-updating and interactive charts of some the most widely followed indicators and correlations followed by current and prospective gold owners. The charts are offered in conjunction with the St. Louis Federal Reserve and ICE Benchmark Administration, the new organization created through the London Bullion Market Association to establish the price of gold twice daily.

Offered on the page:

Annual gold retuns
Annual gold returns (month over same month previous year)
Gold price (one-year)
Gold price (ten-year)
Gold price since 1968
Real rate of return on gold
Real rate of return on the dollar

Plus several interesting correlations including (among others):

Gold and the Dollar Index
Gold and the Monetary Base
Gold and the Purchasing Power of the Dollar
Gold and the Federal Debt
Gold and the Volatility Index

You can toggle the charts for the specific time period you wish to see.

Look for the link under Charts & Tables in our main menu as –

Gold trends+indicators in chart form

We invite your frequent visits.  Take a look and let us know what you think:

If you have questions about the charts and how they might affect you as a current or would be gold owner, we invite you to contact your broker here at the firm.

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