November Gold Buyers’ Group

Chance to win an 1827 Kingdom of Sardinia 20 Lira!

But before getting to the special, a quick thought on current market conditions. Feel free to jump to special link below…

As gold continues to hover near multi-year lows, the question on most of our clients’ minds is whether or not to buy now, or wait for potentially lower prices. And while no one knows for sure whether or not this $1080 level will hold again as it did in July, it has become quite clear that all of gold’s price activity over the past few weeks is based on one single catalyst – the specter of the first domestic interest rate hike in a decade. This may all sound familiar, because it is exactly what happened four months ago, as word broke that September was a ‘virtual certainty’ for the next rate hike…except that it didn’t happen…and gold rallied $100. And as gold has fallen again this time on the same ‘promise’, the financial media has trotted out the same tired argument that ‘a rate hike makes interest bearing instruments more attractive, and since gold earns no interest, gold prices will fall as the Fed raises rates.’

But such logic begs the questions: Would you rather give your money to the US government for 10 years to earn roughly 2.35% or own gold? Would you rather hold a traditional savings account earning just better than a half a percent, or own gold? Is a quarter point more in interest going to change the way you answer these questions? It is an interesting exercise, because it not only points to the folly of this retread argument, but also points to what a gift lower gold prices are in this context. And if you find yourself nodding in agreement, we think you’ll like our November special linked below:

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Italy20liraFor this month’s offer, we have compiled perhaps the most beautifully preserved, yet lowest premium group of Proof-like Brilliant Uncirculated pre-1933 Italian 20 Lira Umberto I coins we have ever offered. Also paired with this offer are 120 of the much harder to find and older Vittorio Emmanuel variety, as well as a very small group of just 20 Kingdom of Sardinia 20 Lira. All pre-dating 1860, the Kingdom of Sardinia 20 Lira coins are exceedingly scarce and are the first of their kind we have ever had the pleasure of holding.

All are priced to sell, so a great deal on its own but to sweeten things even more, we are making the oldest and rarest Sardinian coin – a nearly uncirculated 1827 Charles Felix (image/details below) available via raffle to one lucky winner. NGC Price Guide places a retail value on an uncirculated version of this coin at a whopping $1850!!

sardinia asFor every set of ten coins purchased, each customer will receive a raffle entry for a chance to win this 1827 Charles Felix Italian 20 Lira from the Kingdom of Sardinia. Year specific mintage was only 150,000 total pieces. This example has great luster, and strong original detail – worth noting in a coin nearly 200 years old!

Buy more and increase your odds of winning!

The more you buy, the better your chances to win, although the last time we did this, the winner had only one ticket in play. After the offer is sold out, we will conduct the raffle and announce the winner at our new “Live Daily Newsletter” page.

As always, first-come, first-served. Quantity discounts available. Please call to confirm your piece of this special offer.





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