USAGOLD once again rated one of top ten best gold blogs

We are a little late in getting this posted, but once again CommodityHQ rates this page one of the top ten best gold blogs. At number nine overall, we find ourselves in good company and among colleagues and friends. We would like to thank CommodityHQ for rating us so highly.

In an era of purchased ratings and bogus rating services (often created clandestinely by the website ranking itself at the top), it is gratifying to rank highly in one where the results are arrived at independently, and where the websites ranked had no influence on the outcome, except by the strength of what they have to offer.

We invite you to bookmark the USAGOLD Daily Blog for quick, easy access. Pete Grant, our resident economist, begins updating this page in the early hours of the morning. We give special attention to getting news and opinion posted quickly (including our own views on the matter at hand) whenever something important happens in the gold market.

From CHQ (6-24-2015):

These blogs are among the most active, both on this list and in the industry.

1. King World News: The gold section of this broad-based website will keep you up to date on all of the news surrounding the yellow commodity.

2. Gold Investing News: Hands down one of the best gold resources on the internet, featuring daily analysis on the metal.

3. Gold Review: A news based source that features multiple updates per day and breaking news in the gold industry.

4. 321 Gold: An extremely active website that focuses on gold news.

5. 24 Hour Gold: Another go-to source for all things gold, including pricing, news, and analysis.

6. ZeroHedge: One of the most popular websites, ZeroHedge often writes about gold and the surrounding industry.

7. GoldSeek: Dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date gold news.

8. TF Metals Report: A site focused on both gold news and analysis.

9. USAGOLD: One of the best places to get updates on your favorite precious metal.

10. JLN Metals: Though not specifically catered to gold, a fair amount of posts are dedicated to the world’s most popular precious metal.

11. Mineweb: A well-known financial resource that includes multiple daily posts concerning gold. \

12. Resource Investor: One of the best places to keep up with the overall financial world, including gold.

13. Silver Gold Market News: A great resource that aims to be the best at bringing readers developing news in the precious metals world.

14. CommodityOnline: A great site that brings you all aspects of the commodity world.

15. The Daily Crux: A website that is jam-packed with gold news and analysis on a daily basis along with other popular financial instruments.

16. A massive trading website with a strong gold section.

17. Economy Collapse Blog: An excellent resource for controversial posts covering gloomy economic forecasts as well as dollar and gold manipulation.

18. Hard Assets Investor: Another one of the most prominent commodity sites on the web with a heavy focus on gold.

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