First signs: Public back in gold market

According to a new report from the U.S. Mint, the American public is back in the gold market after a slow May.  Sales of the U.S. gold Eagle in June were up 3.5 times over May and the best since January, traditionally a big month for gold. Gold Eagle sales went from 21,500 troy ounces in May to 76,000 troy ounces in June.  Silver Eagle sales were up 2.4 times over May from 2,023,500 troy ounces to 4,840,000 troy ounces.

At USAGOLD we experienced a strong surge of interest in June as well, particularly toward the end of the month.  Lower prices in June drove buying as well mounting concerns about Europe and what many believe to be an overvalued stock market.

The charts below not only show the surge in gold and silver Eagle buying since the 2007-2008 financial crisis, they show growth and permanence over the period with sales consistently registering at higher levels than before the crisis.  The silver Eagle chart, in addition, demonstrates growing interest in silver as a safe-haven asset.

Additional note:  If you like to monitor gold and silver bullion coin sales as a bellwether for public interest in the precious metals (and many people do), you will appreciate these pages built and maintained by Jen Hyde, our all-around website administrator.  Under each annual bar chart, you will find commensurate monthly charts for the same item.

Silver bullion coins

Gold bullion coins

Also, those pages are part of our Charts & Stats pages – a popular section of USAGOLD that we refer to as “a website within a website.”












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