Bonus April Special – Argentina 5 Pesos (Argentino) & Mexico 20 and 50 Pesos

For the first time in nearly a decade, we stumbled upon a small cache of Argentina 5 Pesos “Argentino” gold coins – a perennial favorite of the old guard – and couldn’t resist snapping it up. Back in the mid 1990’s a large hoard of Argentinos was released by the Uruguay Central Bank, and it quickly became one of the most popular portfolio inclusions for the privacy and accumulation-minded gold investor in early stages of the bull market. We literally placed thousands upon thousands of these coins over a six to seven year period, but by 2006, the last of the large Argentino caches disappeared. argentino5peso Any coins that have come on to the market in the years that followed were typically sold out of private positions, and only incrementally – twenty here, fifty there – making sizable offers an impossibility. So while a 300 coin offer hardly qualifies as ‘large’ by comparison to other offers you’ve seen here in the past, it is truly remarkable for these Argentinos. What’s more, despite their undeniable scarcity, we are offering them at a discounted rate that makes them our least expensive pre-1933 option, and also prices them competitively with 1/4 ounce modern bullion coin issues.

It seems we’ve come full circle – if only for a moment – where clients can once again look to the Argentino to fulfill their goal of accumulating the most gold for their money, while maintaining the protective qualities associated with pre-1933 gold coin ownership.

Also, we are pairing this special with a small group of Brilliant Uncirculated Mexican 20 and 50 Pesos – investor favorites both for their beauty (some consider the 20 Pesos’ depiction of the Aztec Sun Stone to be the most striking design of any historic gold coin), and for their heftier gold contents (1/2 oz (20p) and 1.2 oz(50p)).


Full details including pricing and availability can be accessed here.

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