Silver Stackers 2015


Month after month and year after year, the world’s mints continue to report record off-take of modern silver bullion coins. Whenever the economy or financial system receives a jolt, that demand multiplies to the point that the mints simply cannot keep up and are forced to ration production. The public has taken a shine to silver ownership and in the process elevated the metal’s status to that of a highly sought-after safe haven asset. All in all, we believe the silver market at current prices offers an outstanding opportunity for long-term accumulators — or stackers as they are called in the popular parlance.

When we first introduced our Silver Stacker’s Special in September, 2014, it became an immediate success. By the end of the year, the firm had placed over 30,000 of the one ounce modern silver coins with investors asking for more after we had run out.

The World’s Top Five Silver Bullion Coins
Specially priced • Lots of 100 (20 each), 300 (60 each), 500 (100 each) • All dated 2015

Details here • Please call the Order Desk to reserve your lots.


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