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The China Syndrome
China's pivotal role in the gold market

The following article series, first published in USAGOLD's News & Views newsletter, provides detailed background information with respect to China's gold acquisition policies and their wide-ranging effect on the global gold market. China's interest in the physical metal is likely to underpin the market for many years to come.

Something happening in Shanghai - Arbitrage opportunities (Scroll to second article)

The Shanghai Stock Crash and China gold demand - What it means for the gold market

Theory on China's gold strategy - (Reprint Series - Koos Jansen)

Will the Shanghai "Fix" fix the gold market

Why China thinks gold is the buy of the century

China's gold coup d'etat: What it means for gold owners

Dragon's Hoard - In one fell swoop China profoundly alters gold market synergy

Coins & bullion since 1973

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